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What is a LLLT

What is a Limited License Legal Technician (“LLLT”)? It is Washington State’s legal alternative to help bridge the gap for affordable legal services to help meet the needs of those unable to afford the services of an attorney. LLLTs, are currently trained, licensed by the Washington State Bar Association to advise and assist people going through divorce, child custody and other family-law matters in Washington.

They are able to consult and advise, select, complete and file necessary court documents, help with court scheduling, and support a client in navigating the often confusing maze of the legal system.

Think of us like nurse practitioners, who can treat patients and prescribe medication like a doctor- well-trained, qualified and competent professionals who can provide you with the legal help you need.


Articles and Endorsements About LLLT Profession:

Clark County Bar Association May 2018 Hearsay – Co-Authored by Dianne Balch Loepker

“Limited Licensed Legal Technicians – An Important Resource for Attorneys and for the Public”