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Welcome to Premier Legal Technician Firm, LLC, Dianne Balch Loepker founder and principle Limited License Legal Technician licensed under Washington State Bar Association’s APR 28. We are located in the Bank of America Building downtown Vancouver, Washington (Clark County).

APR 28 is Washington State’s alternative to giving all Washingtonian’s access to legal justice particularly in family law matters. My scope of practice allows me to assist and give advice in the following areas:

• Dissolutions and Legal Separations (with and without children)
• Child Support Modifications
• Paternity and / or Parenting Plans (unmarried couples)
• Minor Parenting Plan Modifications
• Major Parenting Plan Modifications (when parties are in agreement)
• Parenting Plan Modifications
• Relocations (when parties are in agreement)
• Protection Order

A free 30 minute initial consultation is offered by phone, skyping or a in-person in my office located in Vancouver.

Please call me at (360) 931-0863 or by email at [email protected] or send me a message on our contact us form to schedule your free initial consultation.

Dissolution of Marriage

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Child Support Modification

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Parenting Plans

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My Philosophy

Family law matters are emotionally hard on all parties involved, even if the parties are in agreement. This can be exemplified by the scariness’ of going to court and preparing the documents correctly.  My approach is to treat each and every client with sensitivity to what they are going through. Having gone through a divorce after a long-term marriage, I understand how you are feeling.  I try to help alleviate some of the anxieties associated with going to court and filling out the documents by explaining the legal and court process for your particular matter, filing and assisting with obtaining proper service. I believe that clients deserve to have constant communication about their case so they will understand what to expect every step of the way.