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Client Testimonials:

Ashley A – Clark County

“I met Dianne while I was attempting to modify my current parenting plan to have my son attend school up North where I currently live. His father and I are joint 50/50 custody and where my son would attend school was not written in the current parenting plan. I met with Dianne in person quite a few times, and also spoke with her via email numerous times as well. She carefully listened and asked detailed questions that helped to prepare me to plea my case to the Commissioner.  At the time my Ex-husband had hired one of Vancouver’s top Child Custody Attorneys to represent him in this case.  Dianne was familiar with his technique and approach. She thoughtfully prepared me for the day in court, going over our filed paperwork page by page. I know without a doubt,  I would not have had the courage or strength to battle this on my own.  Dianne’s expertise and knowledge helped me to win the motion against my ex-husband.  I highly recommend Dianne to everyone I know.  She helped me through the roughest days of my life and stood by my side throughout the case. She gave me the strength to continue to fight for my son and she gave me the courage to beat one of the Top Attorneys in Vancouver. I am forever grateful to Dianne and her stellar services.”

Lisa D – Vancouver, WA

“Premier Legal Technician Firm is more than just a family legal service firm– it’s like having your best friend to hold your hand from the start of the case until the day the judge signs your decree. If you want to have someone process your paperwork that really cares about helping you through the process– then call Premier Legal Technician Firm-they clearly are a head above the rest!”

Attorney Recommendations:

Thomas A DeBoer, Attorney, licensed WA and ID

“I worked closely with Dianne for several years at our prior firm.  Dianne does very precise and detailed work, but is also an easy person to work with.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for great results.”

Scott Rickard, Attorney – licensed WA and OR

“I have known Dianne for over 10 years, both professionally and personally. She has a unique combination of intelligence and compassion, as well as an incredible work ethic.  I recommend her whole-heartedly!”

Joshua Sasaki, Attorney – licensed OR

“Dianne and I have worked together for many years on some very difficult and complicated legal matters.  She has the judgment, experience, and the ability to get things done. She was always great to work with.  I definitely recommend her.” 

Brian Sniffen, Attorney – licensed WA and OR

“Dianne and I have worked together on some very challenging issues.  She was always great to work with because she wasn’t afraid to tackle those issues head-on. She also has the ability to simplify issues so others can understand them, stay organized, and be firm and hold her ground if she (or her client) need to!”