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Parenting Plan litigation is far and above the most stressful form of litigation for a client. Premier Legal Technician Firm takes advantage of all the tools available including psychologists, alternative dispute resolution and parenting classes. Oftentimes, the most important pretrial motion a client will face is the motion setting the first temporary schedule for the children. 

Again, preparation and client education is key to success in formulating a parenting plan which works best for the client and the children.

As children get older and parents experience significant life changes such as remarriage, relocation or work schedule changes, a parenting plan modification may be required. We will meet frequently with a client go over the options and various methods of dispute resolution and pretrial preparation to meet a client’s goals.

If the children are in danger or domestic violence is present, we have the experience to assess the facts and make recommendations as to whether or not Protection orders may be granted by the Court to protect the children.