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Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution of Marriage (Contested or Uncontested)

A dissolution of marriage is one of the most difficult experiences for a client and often a client’s first exposure to the court system. Dianne has experience involving a broad range of issues that occur in a dissolution action including, spousal support for both short and long term marriages, child support, complex property and financial issues, including military families.

I believe thorough preparation and client education is key to successful dissolution of the marriage. Although most family law cases settle in advance of trial, an effective LLLT has the experience to prepare a case and see the client through a myriad of pretrial motions and discovery.

In many cases, particularly where children are involved, the goal is to keep a courteous relationship between parents for the future when Dianne’s services are no longer needed and the family goes on with their lives outside the judicial system. To that end, wherever possible, Dianne seeks practical solutions and will “think outside the box” to meet those goals. Dianne will go over the options with a client to enable to client to make an informed decision when a potential resolution is discussed.

One of the most important aspects of representing yourself in a dissolution, is that the client is in fact in the driver’s seat. Dianne will advise and make recommendations, however, determination of the final course of action remains with the client. Oftentimes, the costs of litigation are an inescapable factor and Dianne will work with the client to try and meet the client’s objectives economically.

Uncontested Dissolutions

Dianne offers a fixed or “flat rate” option for uncontested dissolutions of marriage, both with and without children. Dianne can only represent one of the spouses in an uncontested dissolution of marriage.

Oftentimes, while researching uncontested dissolutions, a client will naturally (and understandably) gravitate towards the cheapest option. However, Dianne does not approach an uncontested case as merely an exercise in filling out the forms. Each case has unique issues and requires an experienced drafter to foresee potential pitfalls and include appropriate provisions to avoid post-decree litigation.