Dealing with Self-Quarantine (Mandated Quarantine) Due to the Coronavirus

MERS virus, Meadle-East Respiratory Syndrome coronovirus

Most working Americans whether they have children still living at home at one point wished they could just stay home for a week to think about nothing, live in their PJ’s and binge watch their favorite TV show.  I admit I have been so busy with life that I have said “oh how I would love to just stay at home and do nothing.”  Well now that the Federal Government and our State Government have mandated a stay at home to stop the spread of this deadly virus, I believe people will start to feel closed in, not connected to their extended family and friends.

This can have severe consequences on our mental health.  What we need to do is realize this is short term situation and to keep our mental health intact by finding things to do that make us happy, this could be painting, gardening, reading books, playing games with our children, going for walks and calling our family who live away from us.  Technology is a great way to stay in contact with friends and family.


Premier Legal is hoping all of our clients are being safe and staying at home.  For those of you that are essential businesses and on the frontline, we thank you for your commitment to keep the spread of this virus down and our prayers are with you.