MERS virus, Meadle-East Respiratory Syndrome coronovirus

Coronavirus Pandemic – Update

We are practicing safe social distancing in order to keep the spread of the virus under control.  During the next two weeks, we will be meeting with our clients through video conferencing or phone conferencing.  Our office is fully set up to work remotely and are able to continue working through your cases. Currently Clark […]


Unbundled Legal Services

Unbundled legal services means hiring a limited licensed legal technician (“LLLT”) or an attorney to perform limited tasks rather than full representation.  Premier Legal Technician Firm, LLC offers unbundled services for pro se litigants which include both LLLT and attorney representation. How does this work? If you want to represent yourself, Premier Legal Technician Firm, […]

joint custody

LLLT’s Guide to What is Joint Custody?

When the Parents end their relationship whether they are married or unmarried, decisions must be made to the custody of the child(ren).  This blog is to help make sense of the legal terms often used in parenting plans. In parenting plans there is physical and legal custody of the child(ren). Physical custody is where the […]


LLLT Guideline to Creating a Parenting Plan

This Blog is to guide parties into understanding the criteria required for parenting plans in Washington State.  Parenting Plans in Washington are governed under RCW 26.09 – The following is to assist parties with creating a parenting plan for their child. In creating a parenting plan, please note that Washington does not use the term […]

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Amicable Divorce

Divorce is never easy, but it does not always have to be litigated or contentious.  When couples agree on the terms of their divorce, this is often referred to as an amicable divorce or uncontested divorce. If you are going through a divorces or a legal separation, it is likely to be one of the […]